February 3, 2017


Please Read What Our Customers Are Saying About Us:
Icorr Properities

Jc general contractors has performed work for us at several commercial locations. Their work
has been of good quality and completed within the time frame alloted. Jorge Carrasco has
been easy to work with and is aware of keeping within budget. He makes suggestions to
reduce cost of provide a better product or solution while remaining on budget.

Feel free to contact me should you have a further questions.

Earl E. Fossum Rpa , Fma VIce President, properity Manager

Nellies deli catering  market & restaurant

Personally and professionally we have know Jorge for years. I would describe Jorge  as very
smart, organized , hardworking and honest .

He takes all his responsibilities very seriously. He is self-starter with a great eye for detail. He
enjoys doing his best on small and large projects. although he is a great team player he also
works well alone or with no direction. He really cares about any work performed associated
with his name. He is great businessman

Craig A. Pohl And Freda

Mohave Tan

I would definitely recommend JC Construction for ANY of your commercial or residential
needs and plan on using them from all of mine.””JC General Contractors led by Jorge
Carrasco performed a tanning salon for me completed on January 31, 2011. The build out
involved creating tanning rooms, an ADA restroom, a laundry room, and a reception area a
shell. Jorge and his team were very dependable and completed the project on time and within
budget. The salon looks amazing and I would not only recommend Jorge, I would use his
services again myself.””Enter a testimonial from a satisfied customer or an excerpt of a
positive review of your business. We recommend surrounding the citation with quotation
marks, as we have done here. Don’t forget to include the source!”

-Chaz A/ owner.

Sarasota Fine wine

“It is my pleasure to write this letter for JC Construction. They completed my retail build out in
a very timely manner and helped me save money in a time that most people take advantage.

Jorge Carrasco the owner of the business was very knowledgeable on all aspects of the build
out. He handled everything from the architectural drawings, to structural reinforcement and
eventually the entire build out of the commercial location. He made me aware of obstacles
that over looked that really would have prolonged my build and cost me a  lot of extra money.

His workers were very respectful and professional when I brought clients or business
associates to the location. They worked very clean and went above and beyond to meet my
time frames.

-Steven K / owner.

Draker Residence

“Jorge Carrasco was a construction supervisor on our new home. He is also very
hardworking. He did a tremendous job. He takes old world pride in whatever he does. Jorge is
precise and articulate. He is one of the few people left that puts his name on the finished
project. Jorge is a rare find and I would highly recommend him to build another home for us.”

– Maureen D/ owner.

Essex House

Mr Carrasco was the foreman on a mayor project recently done at the essex house . He
demostated a quality of hight work ethics and leadership. We were very pleased at the level of
workmanship that was conducted on this project and would not hesitate to use Mr. Carrasco
and his crew for future projects

-Jeniffer DeFranco/ Properity Manager